Hiatus x Update

April 17, 2014

Been running around our little sunny island running errands everyday..

Wish I could say I was shopping, but the correct word really is 'sourcing'.

 After running errands for my projects I met up with an old friend for dinner... It was like going back in time, to talk about the things we should have. I'm glad we managed to do it. Thank you.

The food at Sushi Tei was very disappointing. I wish I could un-eat it.

These pictures were taken with my new phone which I'll be blogging about soon! The quality's good, these pictures are with no filter at all. 

And also... to end off this post, this is an official notice that I'll be taking a week's break from now... I really have no time. It is just one week to go. Please understand if I don't reply your email immediately! 
And I will definitely still be posting regularly on my IG @rchlwngxx and other social media platforms as usual.