Randoms x Static Fumes x Gold Tag

April 22, 2014

Randoms : Cos I have a bit of extra time to blog a short entry!
So happy I managed to wake up for Easter Mass with my parents, food for the soul indeed. Blessed belated Easter to all ~~

And a selfie with the number 1 man of my life. 

OOTD : STATICFUMES top and skirt. I love the high neck top! Never thought I'd like a high neck top but I loveeeee it. 


And recently I've been having an obsession with checks/grids on my clothes. As you can see in my next ad, I now have a checkered pair of pants that are so comfy and cute!!!! It's blue and comes in two other colours as well, from GOLD TAG.

"Gold Tag is founded by two friends, Jess and Christine, since 2012. Each of our clothing has been carefully sourced and picked ourselves, as we hope to deliver the best to our customers. Join our mailing list to receive first-hand updates on our new arrivals or on-going promotions. Moreover, we constantly update our Facebook page with some meaningful quotes we came across, or some inspirations on how to match some of the trendy pieces that you are thinking of trying :)"

Here are two other cute looks!

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