School's out // Discounted Rates!

April 27, 2014

Last Friday marked the end of my submissions and it is the last ever for me - YESSSS, I'm done with my 3 years in Lasalle, and it felt like so much freedom and happiness with satisfaction... I can't even describe the feeling. I don't blog about my work often, or at all.. but here's a shot of a magazine supplement I did for my final year project. I wish I had more time to make it even better, but I did it to the best of my ability within the timeframe for sure... hopefully I pass! So thankful for all the help with ideas/execution especially towards the end of the sem.
If you're reading this and have helped me in some way or another, thank you so much for your help!

Have also been celebrating the last of us turning 21 with the girls.. Happy birthday C!

Jov was super sweet to spend the entire day with me by my side while I did my work. So thankful!

Dinner with wine ~

And thank you to YY/Mel for the bag full of treats including Tokyo Banana which I really loveeee.

Some quality time over dinner and karaoke with the boys... perfect Saturday night.

I'll have more to blog about REALLY soon, as of now... I am going to be blogging full time!!!! YAY!!!! So expect to see my blog updated very often from here on ~ 

And because I haven't gotten back to my emails in more than a week... I'm going to spending the rest of my Sunday night doing so. ADDITIONALLY, to make up for it, I'm having a discount on my rates! Best time to work with me now because I'm going to have all the time in the world to go take nice pictures of myself donning your clothes!
Really excited to have so much free time as well - no more saying no to sponsored trips!!!! YAY!!! - do contact me for any projects you think I'd be interested in. And also, something specific I've been looking for - eyelash extensions.. do contact me if you'd like to recommend any to me.

Email me at RACHELWONGZ@HOTMAIL.COM to enquire/book a slot! Can't wait can't wait, my life is finally beginning again!