Sunday Funday // Chloe is 5!

April 15, 2014

 Woke up early for mass with my family and this Sunday was Palm Sunday! 
This means Easter is in a week's time, and Easter is pretty much the most joyous time in the bible and I'm excited to celebrate that next week with my loved ones :)
Very glad I made the decision to head back to church and so far it has done nothing but good for me and brought me even closer to my family, (as if we weren't already close enough) and much peace in my heart.

Anyway we headed to Din Tai Fung again for lunch cos I was craving for my Xiao Cai again...

Loves of my life, forever and always.

This time we tried the chicken soup and it was very yummy!

Some OOTD shots while waiting for Chloe's birthday cake... we ordered a 6 inch chicken one for her specially this year! Big big 5th birthday!
Top credits on my instagram @rchlwngxx and pants c/o @YOUNGHUNGRYFREE

Her cake...! It says HAPPY BARK DAY! Soooo cute. Anyway if you're wondering it was from a bakery along east coast road and cost $18. It's all natural with no preservatives and baked freshly when ordered!

My little angel...

Love my sister loads although I don't see her as often as I like. Can't wait to share a room with her for 5 days in June! Haha. 

And it's crazy, my dearest baby is 5 already. She's been with me since she was just a tiny puppy at 3 months old and been through the best times and the worst, and she is just amazing in the way she unconditionally loves all of us. Her face still melts my heart the way it did when I saw her in the little cage at Pasir Ris Farmway. 
She has an instagram account now as well at @CHLWNGX which is like my name! Hehe. 
Happy birthday Chloe, I'll love you forever :)

Also, hope you didn't miss out on this awesome piece below by

Happy Tuesday and have a great rest of the week xx
As for me, it's still quite a short but tough road ahead... But I can really smell my freedom already!
Can't wait to see all the people I miss so much.