May 30, 2014

 FINALLY, you can get 3CE products in Singapore thanks to MIYOC store.
This is a makeup brand I've been using for a long time because they are so good - everyone would know about this brand from the popular Korean store STYLENANDA. I love their lipsticks especially! Almost all of my lipsticks are from them if not from L'Oreal. 

My recent new additions to my existing collection of 3CE products from the one and only MIYOC store here in Singapore.

Almost all products on my face from 3CE, except for my eyeshadow which is from Naked Palette.

 Loose Powder has a super natural finish on top of my DRx sunblock...

A natural flush blush!

Cotton Pie Creamy lipstick is the perfect everyday lippie.

And for highlights, the shimmer stick is the best.

On days you want to be a little playful, try the Jazzy Pink creamy lipstick. The texture is perfect!

WWW.MIYOCONLINE.COM/3CE launching tomorrow 8pm