Back from HK!

May 25, 2014

Okay, I've been REALLY 'lazy' updating this space... I put that word in inverted commas because although I gotta admit I've been lazy, it's really cos I haven't fully recovered from the most recent HK trip! It was probably the most tiring trip I've ever been on but the most fulfilling and I can't wait to blog about Day 1 to 5 but I'm gonna need a bit more time cos I haven't gotten some of the info I need to draft the posts up ~

Meanwhile, here are some updates from yesterday night... Finally a Saturday spent out and about to have fun!!! Marche first for dinner with two lovely girls.

1 Altitude for the first time *suuuuuuuucha country bumpkin boo*
Singapore is sooooo beautiful at night from the 63rd storey.... Lights lights lights everywhere and the music's not too bad too. Pity SG is always so humid or the weather up there would be perfect too.

SONAR for a bit then Zouk after to celebrate these two happy birdies' birthdays... 

Happy buuuuurfday you two

Back to SONAR and look who I found! 

Kind of a pretty good night.

More updates this week including a VLOG on my hauls from HK! I can't wait to fly back there again 2 weeks from now already. Whooopppp whooooop.