Beautiful Bali Day 2

May 3, 2014

Another day in relaxing Bali only meant two things - lying down on the beds along the beautiful beach and reading while taking breaks to munch on the yummy food you can order and have arrive in less than just 10 minutes.... Best way to unwind, ever.

And yes, I have foil, silver and black on my toenails as well to match my gel mani by Belle of GlitzyFingers. She's so amazing, isn't she? 
Contact her for an appointment at Belle Tan : +65 8100 7353

I ate WAYYYY too much on this trip. Trying to lose weight again now. It's horrible, 5 meals/snacks a day?!!?!! I don't know how my tummy takes it and doesn't give me any pain...

My favourite part of the day, without a doubt, is the sunset. Bali's not as humid as Singapore, so the air is cool, and the skies are of these amazing shades of pink/purple and blue. I stood there in awe for minutes and just wished I could be able to catch the same view everyday for the rest of my life.

 There are also quite a few dogs roaming around the beach and they play on the sand/in the water a lot. Seeing their little paw prints in the sand alongside mine made me miss my Chloe like crazy! Paw prints are just so damn cute.

Spa session and dinner after that to end the day.

Wished dinner tasted better... the place, unfortunately, is very tourist-y so everything is overpriced and doesn't taste very local. Wish we had more time to go explore outside of Nusa Dua.

Arnie my new giraffe buddy that I got as a lil present at the airport was a great companion on the trip! Was with us every step of the way. I really have an undying love for giraffes. And yes, I do creepy things like pretend to feed my stuffed toys and I also talk to them/sleep with them. HAHA.

The next day was a pretty rushed affair, slept in a lot and then we had catch the flight home. So thankful we got to take the time off to have this trip. Now I'm looking for more relaxing holidays instead of the usual crazy shop/eat/shop/east/shop/eat trips I always take. 

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend everyone!
I just caught The Amazing Spiderman 2 and it was pretty good.