Hong Kong : Part One

May 28, 2014

WHEEHEEEE I'm finally here with my first post on my recent trip to HongKong!
It took some time, I know, but this is a loooong post and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my trip with the Gushies ^.^
This was my first time going on a trip with people other than my family/friends but I'm so happy I did it cos I got to make new friends and we had a really good time getting to know each other and experiencing the busy and beautiful Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific's definitely my first choice should I be flying to Hong Kong, especially, cos they are based there and I've been on flights with them before and it is always comfortable and problem-free. Fun fact for you, did you know Cathay has 9 flights to HK daily?! So…if you happen to wake up late and miss your flight, you can just catch the next one right after. :D

Also, it helps to have entertainment on board, isn't it? 
Studio CX is awesome for people like me who just can't keep still for long periods of time and my neighbours always happen to be so tired all the time and fall asleep so easily unlike me... (when I mean long periods of time I mean like an hour HAHA) 

I managed to catch Anchorman on the flight there and a Hong Kong film on the way back to SG. Happy happy!

 I also like watching the clouds go by via their 'outside camera' option on screen. Clouds are so pretty and I like to make shapes out of them.

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Landing in HK in the afternoon meant a quick check in so we could go check out what the city has to offer ASAP!!!
I was super happy to see that Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel had a Lane Crawford right at the lobby. I LOVE LANE CRAWFORD, they carry the most beautiful things.

Thank you so much for having us!

The rooms are super spacious, comfortable and the view is just... awesome... We had full view of Victoria Harbour, it's lovely in the day but even more beautiful at night. 

YES, a walk-in wardrobe just like the one in my room!!! Home away from home it is.

A bit more on Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel :
"Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel is located along Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, at the heart of the city’s busiest commercial, shopping and business hub. The Star Ferry and Hong Kong’s cruise terminal are at your footstep, while shopping is right next door with the hotel forming part of Harbour City – Hong Kong’s largest shopping complex. Guests enjoy easy access to the area's major tourist attractions like Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Space Museum and Hong Kong Cultural Centre."

As mentioned above, the hotel is located pretty much at Harbour City which is the city's biggest mall!!!! It's FULL of awesome shops and big names everyone recognises and loves. 
We were sooo lucky to get a tour to the newest spots in the mall, and were pretty much taken on a food trip. SO SINFUL BUT SO GOOD.

We started off with getting to try the dimsum at ChefMaster ChiuChow Restaurant. Super authentic and very yummy food!

This was my favourite dish of all, I've never had egg tarts SO SOFT they literally melt in your mouth, even faster than Royce chocs.... omg... heaven.

Dalloyau, from France, is Paris-based and hence the gate of the shop here in Harbour City is of the old Parisian map. It is so beautiful, and so is the interior of the shop and the treats they sell!

We had tea here and it was my best high tea experience yet. 

FUNFACT : If you're a dessert lover, you'd know the Opera cake, and they were the ones who created it!

Our table's tea and desserts to share.

Harbour City also has Pierre Herme... LEGENDARY MACARONS OK?!?!
And we got to try their best flavours and cakes too. It was like heaven for the 15 minutes we were in the shop.

As if we weren't spoilt enough, we were treated to more macarons from Ladureeeee ~
I'm sure you already know Laduree, they have outlets here in Singapore as well.

I would say the difference between the macarons from the two shops would be that Laduree's is sweeter. I like both and I think they each have their own bests in the different flavours they boast.

Also got to take a boat to watch the Symphony of Lights! This is a long running tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

My outfit and super tired face..

Headed back after that to our hotel for dinner at their best restaurant, Cucina. 

Good food and good company is a recipe for a good time.

On the last day in Hong Kong, we got to catch TAP DOGS!!!
Tap Dogs is a show that's coming to Singapore real soon, and I would have to definitely recommend it. I didn't know tap dancing could be so much fun and so creative until I caught Tap Dogs!

Hanging out with the crew...

And getting changed for the gala premiere on the same night.... OOTN includes hat and top c/o YoungHungryFree!

Some red carpet moment here. HAHA.

Not kidding when I say that the show's really interesting for a tap dancing show! It premiered yesterday here and runs till the 1st of June. TAP DOGS are currently taking the world by storm with their unprecedented tap show that combines the strength and power of workmen with the precision and talent of tap dancing. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtClyJdepQc&list=PLOn-Q6emYkWn06dWQRTxabD8Jr3ISB7zA

Base Entertainment Asia is currently extending a VERY special offer:  Get 2 tickets for the price of 1!!!


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The four of us headed out for supper after that to a famous-ish restaurant in a ghetto neighbourhood (HAHA) calld 369 restaurant...

I'd have to say, best food on the trip, for me! Cos I love chinese food and I think they cooked these eggs with magic powder. I love it too much and will be back again next month.

A pretty abrupt ending, and honestly a big part of why is cos I miss the eggs so much right now I'm gonna try and cook it myself HAHAHA. 
I'll be blogging about the rest of the trip like Disneyland soon so stay tuned for part two!!!

And a big thank you once again to Harbour City, Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel, Cathay Pacific and Tap Dogs for having us x