L'Oreal Mat Magique

May 16, 2014

Went for a pretty exciting but cozy event with L'Oreal awhile ago and I was introduced to their new product, Mat Magique! It's a pressed powder that is super revolutionary : Enjoy a 12H shine-free complexion thanks to key ingredient Volcanic Pearlite!

I was pretty late (bad traffic... ugh...) but was treated to a one on one session to experience the magic of this new product that L'Oreal is launching! So so thankful to have this one on one session to see the tried and tested instant results. Was really impressed!

The little experiment proved very much so what the product promises to do for you :

Here, some olive oil (healthy for the skin...!) was applied to my hand to mimic the oil that 'attacks' our flawless makeup that usually only lasts through the morning and not the afternoon... As the weather in Singapore is so super humid, many girls have oily skin and controlling this is super important in achieving a beautiful made up face. 

This product promises to counter em all!
I personally have oily skin as well so I was very interested to see what this powder could do for me as I usually used a tissue to blot away the oil about halfway through the day...

Putting on the powder over the oil with the marshmallow soft white sponge..

The coverage is medium to heavy, so it can really help cover your oily skin/pores if you have any without the need of thick foundation that will only clog your skin.

I always feel like a good complexion is the most important 'makeup' because if your skin is bad, using too much makeup might look even worse instead. But we're all human and we will most definitely have bad days where our skin gets very tired and dry and our body tries to counter that by producing lots of oil that in turns clog our pores and ends up being zits which is the biggest monster of all. 

Problems I face and I think many other girls face as well :
  • Shiny complexion/T-zone  
  • Enlarged pores 
  • Blemishes 
  • Oily eyelids 

Common solutions including what is shown in the next picture...
  • Heavy make up to achieve flawless look  
  • Excessive blotting that stripes skin from natural layer of sebum causing skin to produce more sebum  
  • Frequent touch up every few hours 

Stop blotting! It's bad for your skin!!! It will make your skin think it's dry and then your skin will produce more oil and it'll be BAD. 

Just put on this magic product in the morning and you are GOOD TO GO.

It comes in pink little compacts and it's very cute and refillable!

No. of shades: 5 ( N1(MINE!!), N2, R1, G1, G2 ) 
Refill will be made available in stores from June. 2014. 

Check out my L'Oreal Mat Magique now, just 2 or 3 weeks from the time I got it. The word 'L'Oreal' is gone cos I really use it almost everyday!

Price: $30.90 

Available in Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, departmental stores and selected Super & hypermarket.  

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