"The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Never Wasted"

May 10, 2014

Been going out almost everyday ever since I've been free to do a mix of important meetings/nonsensical things/fun stuff....

Eating lotsa good foooooood


*Outfit deets on upcoming blog post!*

Who else loves a good tea session and ice cream after a filling dinner?

And who else remembers and loves these yummy sugar cookies?

OOTD for a meeting that day/dinner. Will be posting on the shoes soon on my Instagram!

Dinner at Golden Mile for some Thai food that caused a stomachache... 

Or maybe it's cos I finished this entire pot of TomYam soup obamaself???

And off for an event in some of my favourite things.

So happy to see this girl as well even if it was for a short hour or so!

Got tickets to GREASE The Musical at MBS Mastercard Theaters and it was SOOOO good, I'm contemplating getting tickets for my family to catch it too, TOO TOO GOOD!
GREASE was a movie we used to watch as a family when I was very young so I'm kinda insistent we all catch it together. Hopefully we can find a time to get together over the next week as it's the last week already. 
Do get your tickets on SISTIC, and thank you BaseEntertainment for the awesome treat!

Discounts for my readers :

Applicable for A & B Reserve tickets
Offer only applicable to tickets purchased via this promotional link via Showbiz

Quote of the week.

I'm flying off to HongKong in exactly a week's time, more on this soon!
Do email me for ad rates so I can bring your clothes over to HongKong and take nice pictures of your items!! Love the freedom after graduation. So so happy everyday x

Have a great weekend, all!