Weekend Adventures

May 5, 2014

Didn't get up to much mischief this weekend... just some family time which consisted of WAYYY too much eating. (Lol at previous entry where I said I wanted to go on a diet HAAAA)

My aunt and cousin went over to Malacca on Labour Day and bought these crepe cakes that are apparently super famous and had a very long queue! They are sooo yummy.

Golden Mile after for some more dessert. I love Mango Sticky Rice! This one's good.

A shot with my new fav slimming mirror. This is at a tattoo shop where I've been spending a lot of time... Anyway If you're looking to get a tattoo do contact (+65) 90164969

Sunday to church for mass...

Ma pretty momma ~

Thai food for lunch. I really love Thai food cos it's so spicy.

The weather's been pretty crazy lately especially and I haven't gotten over Bali yet, so I've been spending time in the pool/by the pool with my books. 

Can't wait to get my hair done at AIR and meet some old friends!
It's been too long x

Great week ahead to all!