WestGate Trip x Momma's Day

May 14, 2014

Just a personal post amidst the advertorials on my newly (slightly) revamped blog! 
Realised many of the pictures/information were really outdated so I decided to put aside some time and change it a little. I am looking to revamp it further but... I'm going to need help for that so we'll see.

The last weekend was wonderful - Got to spend time with special people having good food and making good memories. There's nothing more I want in life than times like these. Used to not know how to cherish such relationships and good times but now everything is truly different, especially with my newfound freedom from school! 

I travelled pretty much across the entire country to WESTGATE for the first time to meet the boys cos Melvin had to book in by 10pm that night. It was my first time there and honestly, I was REALLY impressed with the shops there. There's COS, Kate Spade Saturday... and a WHOLE LOT of restaurants that are usually found in town.
IPPUDO at Westgate's menu is a lil different from the one I frequent at Mandarin Gallery but the standard is pretty much the same. 

 So happy to see him even though he kept making stupid faces and taking ugly pictures of me....

I think we over-ordered as usual but all's good if everyone's happy and stuffed full!



And the next day was Mother's Day!
I'm very close to my parents, as I think everyone who knows me well enough would know... So everyday I make it a point to remind my parents that I love em whether it be a text to say "Drive safe" or a call to ask if my mom wants desserts before I head home. There's not much of a need to specially say it to them on these super commercialized occasions... But then again I wouldn't want them to feel left out on 'special' days so small celebrations are a need. I got them cards as well.

Happy mommy after church at TCC for lunch!

OOTD with my mama! Mama Wong is actually super stylish, she's the one who introduced me to many of the brands I love now, from luxury brands like Chanel when I was a little girl, to high street fashion like Topshop/Zara when I was a teen and then super indie cool names like In Good Company just a week or two ago!

I'm glad we made it thru all we had to go thru, to where we are today.