June 7, 2014

I want my BottomSlim!

Well, obviously, from the title.. you can tell what this post is about.
I'm really happy to blog about this as well, amongst the many other opportunities I get, cos I've always wanted to try out the treatments at BottomSlim, the pioneer in lower body slimming.


As usual, I got a lovely daisy. My favourite flowers are daisies, and I also like roses. But daisies are cuter!

Many Asian girls face having a heavier bottom - causes might be due to long hours sitting in front of a computer because of work. Other girls may face issues like having tummy, cellulite, stretch marks even though they might not be big in size. Even if you exercise and diet, some areas are very difficult to lose weight, especially lower body. Not only you will look good with slimmer, slender lower body, but it boosts confidence and feel better. You do not have to envy other’s slim legs or flat tummy when you can achieve it on your own, the fast and healthy way

My specialist is a lovely mommy and she was super patient in explaining to me every single procedure throughout the treatment. 
So what did I want to slim down at BottomSlim?

MY CALVESSSS!!! I really don't like my calves, and I have this thigh gap that makes them look extra big.. (I know, I get 'compliments' on it but I think it makes my legs look weird in comparison to the calves).

Other than voicing my concerns, I am also given a form to fill out to let them know more about my body type, medical history, habits.. etc. Whether I exercise or not or eat super late does make a difference in having areas of my body bigger than others!

After I took off my shorts (wahhaa kinda shy), my specialist said that my calves are actually ok, and the part to improve on most is my hip area, cos that's where the most water retention is. Yep, she can feel this fact using her hands.

Time for the treatment!! There is a cute lil play corner for mommies to have a peace of mind their kids won't be bored while they get treatment done!

I was very sad taking my weight cos I've been putting on a lot of weight recently... 

Mine is 58% but the normal should be 30+% or something like that. It's wayyy over and it's due to my lack of drinking water. Yes, drinking too little or too much water is NOT GOOD for your body. It'll result in water retention like this = looks fat when it really isn't fat but just water!

Time for treatment in my super comfy corner room!

The treatment was done pretty quick, maybe about 45 minutes? To say it was painless would be a lie, cos it was definitely not the most comfortable, BUT, you can't expect complete painlessness when they're getting rid of stubborn bits that have accumulated over YEARS!
 It involved massages done by both hands and with machines, and an icy cool mask to calm the skin. YES, it will bruise a little but it will go away. The results are already immediate but will be even better after the swelling is gone!

There is a photo of my butt (HAHA) but I'm not gonna post it here, so basically here is a drawing of what the treatment did for me!
As you can see, the before shows a big bump at my hip area where water retention was the worst, and a butt that could be much firmer. The after results were literally immediate. 
"Pushing everything up, and in!"

Thank you BottomSlim for your amazing patience, skills and treaments!

These are the treatments that I went through:
1.     BottomTrim
 Benefits of BottomTrim Treatment:

v  Breaks down accumulated stubborn fats in areas difficult to lose
v  Improves overall blood circulation
v  Eliminates toxins
v  Liquefy fats
v  Firms up and shapes lower body for better definition
v  Smooth lumpy areas
v  Reduces cellulite appearance

2.     Pro-Sonic (Back thighs and butt) for firming 
Benefits of Pro-Sonic Treatment:

v  Breaks down stubborn fats into smaller pockets for easier
v  Breaks down bulges accumulated over prolonged sitting poor posture
v  Improve skin texture - smoother and firmer
v  Reduces appearance of cellulite
v  Lightens stretch marks and scars
v  Tones and lifts sagging muscles for better definition : perkier
v  Promotes overall circulation and boosts metabolism
v  Boosts lymphatic drainage, lessens lethargy!
v  Reshaping of lower body parts that have gone out of shape with
bulges. for e.g. a more defined waistline

And now it’s my turn to share some good news for you!
If you’re also interested in going for Bottomslim, you have to read this:
Sweetest GSS Special
In view of the Great Singapore Sale, BottomSlim wants to sweeten your deal further by giving away 1 set of Starbucks Gift Card for first 50 readers! Hurry – this is only exclusive for the GSS period!

Terms & Conditions
* Valid for females aged 18 years old and above
* One redemption per participant
* Redemption of Starbucks Gift Card is valid only after treatments
* Design of Starbucks Gift Card will be randomly distributed, image for illustration purposes only.
* While stocks last for Starbucks Gift Card
* Sweetest GSS Special is valid until 27 July 2014

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For more information you can always visit BOTTOMSLIM or call 63632525 to make an enquiry or to book an appointment !

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