Diagnosis : HoverFinger

June 14, 2014

So I guess you must have been hearing this new term everywhere...

And yes, I've been diagnosed, with HOVERFINGER.
I took the test and got my results immediately at http://curehoverfinger.com/#what-is-hover-finger.

It's really just sooo frustrating to not being able to click that final 'CHECK OUT' button, cos I reeaaaally want to buy that one great deal sometimes!

Well, like it's been said in the video, help is at hand and I have been cured of Hover Finger -
So what is the cure? It is none other than Visa! 

I personally use a VISA card so I was really happy to hear the news that VISA is the cure to Hover Finger

Don't worry anymore while making online purchases, VISA makes sure that you are protected everywhere so you can always have the confidence to purchase that one thing that you really want to buy. 
Visit http://visa.com.sg/hoverfinger to find out more!

I am a Visa #HoverFinger #ProtectedEverywhere influencer.