June 12, 2014

I've been Flutter-ed!!

If you haven't noticed already in previous photos, I suddenly have ultra long eyelashes and no they are not natural. I think a lot of Asian girls don't have long and lush lashes either and that is why some very awesome people created eyelash extensons... My last experience with eyelash extensions was HORRIBLE, I took them off by myself the same night I got them, but I'm glad I gave it another try with Flutters this time.

I think it's so super important to have things like this done in a clean and comfortable environment. Much like how I am thankful to get fillers done at DRx and nails by Belle at GlitzyFingers, because these things involve your body, your health and it is so crazy important how you should make sure it is done safely! I used to be a bit crazy and entrusted myself with needles and such at places that weren't as safe and looking back, I am truly lucky nothing happened to me. Most importantly, I learnt from my mistakes - never again!

Flutters is a cozy little shop, newly opened at 15A Duxton Road with experienced and skillful staff.

Their shop is decorated in old school pin up style, which I find so very charming!

Here's the lash menu - I picked C Lash, the most popular one!

I picked a natural look, and 60 lashes per eye, cos I didn't wanna be too over the top. The helpful owners and store manager also helped me with my choice.

Here are my pathetic eyelashes, mascara-less and before 'pimpin'!

And this is the after, with my lashes looking so super natural and pretty. 
If you're asking whether it hurt, it's a 0/10. Such a super comfortable experience, I actually fell asleep and was super surprised when she said it was done and I could already open my yes... Just 1 hour okay?!

Now I can go out without eye makeup and I won't look sick 

They also taught me how to take care of my lashes cos I'm a first timer!

Try their opening special out today!

And they are super kind to extend out a discounted rate to you girls just by quoting my name, 'rchlwngx', for 10% off ala carte services and trials, 5% off regular packages til 2014 year end. 


Mine were done by Zen, but all their staff are well trained and you can trust that you're in safe hands!