HK : The Peak x Disneyland

June 8, 2014

Back with my second and last post on HK with the Gushers, my next trip there is in less than a week and going thru all these photos makes me even more excited to experience HK again with my dearest family! 

On day 1 we actually headed to The Peak, a famous tourist destination that I'm quite sure most of you are aware of. You go up way way way high up and get to see the beautiful HK city lights blending into the clouds! A pity the weather wasn't too kind to us that day, it was very misty and cloudy, but whatever it was, it was a good feeling being so high up with the buildings looking like lego towers. 

What else is on The Peak is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, filled with many many familiar celebrities that we, of course, couldn't help but take lotsa photos with. Hahaha. 
Starting off the series of pics with the handsome Andy Lau!!!!

Xiao Jay. 

Yo Ghandi.

"Me and my hat homies"

One of the most beautiful women of allllll time!

Eh, Auds and I are quite fail. HAHA. Hi Donnie!

Not to be missed, especially if it's your first trip to HK. Thank you for an awesome first night!


The next day we were off to Disneyland!!! 
I was actually pretty hungover from partying with the girls the night before, but I was just as excited because I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Brunch first at their famous Disney themed restaurant, Crystal Lotus, where you will find cute little Mickey-shaped food for the dishes served. You might think fancy looking food wouldn't taste less appetising (that's my way of thinking) but the food there was GOOD. Especially this bowl of sweet canto-style soup.

After we had our tummies filled, it's PLAY TIME!!!!!!

My OOTD, leather overalls by Kikikeli and a Star Trek tee.

*Excited excited*

We had a very cute 'aunty style' tour guide tht took us on the best rides.

Toy Story Land!!!

 I'm a freaking huge coward. So. It was a damn big deal that I went on this RC Racer ride apart from the Grizzly Bear rollercoaster that left a 13 year old looking boy in tears after the ride.

Well, I told the rest of them I CANNOT DO THIS RIDE IT WAS TOO HIGH. But... After 15 minutes of internal debating, and the rest of them being ultra good at brainwashing, I went on the second round with them. Basically, it's like 'viking', so you go all the way up, see the sky, and drop down. Then you go all the way up on the other side, see the ground 180 degrees down, and drop down again. Repeats 5 times. My soul left my body but glad to have it back now!

Napping with Nic like this while waiting for food.

Thank you, HK Disneyland, for the day filled with fun, adrenaline rushes, and good food. 
I will be coming back for you someday!