Holiday Season

June 7, 2014

I'm really happy to be blogging with my new Macbook, I got the Pro in Retina and it's soo much lighter than my previous one and faster! 
I'd still like to thank my old Macbook for accompanying me thru my 3 years in Lasalle, and before that when I just started blogging. It's been a long time, and I know I haven't treated it well enough, like the time I used it as a shield and threw the entire thing at a cockroach that was flying right at me... or spilling redoxon on the keypad... I'm thankful for the memories and your hard work.
(Yes there is a missing black circle thing below the lappy, I don't know why either.)

On to newer memories with my new Mac! And thank you to my daddy for this gift! It means a lot to me because he insisted he pay for it, unlike the attitude he usually has towards my usual splurge on bags and stuff. HAHA. He says this, is an investment!

Been spending time, once again, with people I love. So happy to have the freedom to do so in between my blog work and events! Am also always feeling so damn blissed out, being fed with good food everyday and being driven around. 
Thank you God for all your blessings x

Spent some time shopping and having tea/coffee and sharing a cake with my teacher sister in town!


And lunch with pretty Mama Joycelyn, who is going to have baby A in just 2 months!!! Everyone wish her good luck and shower prayers of blessing on her please ~
And if you're wondering she's actually sort of my 'manager' at DRx, and she is a super wonderful and fun person to know. I am so thankful!!!


Met Chev for lunch at her workplace and we settled on Canele to catch up cos it's been a long time. This girl is a gem and we have the weirdest funniest conversations. 

When she had to go back to work I met up with these 3 boys at Pique Nique!


And a dinner and darts date night with 3 of my Lasalle Year 1 classmates, whom I spent almost everyday with back in 2011. Didn't realise it has been such a long time and it was such a heartwarming feeling to just be able to talk to them like I used to and find out what they've been up to the past 3 years.
Long overdue.

We ate a KILO @ Pact but I'm not a fan, I guess I'm always gonna be a Chinese food lover.

It's going to be an extremely busy month in June because I'll be flying a bit,
11th - 15th to Hong Kong and then 16th - 22nd to Korea.

And for this special trip season, I got Belle to get me party nails : Foil x Baby Blue CH nails!

Get them done with Belle at GLITZYFINGERS, 8100 7353!

Just another note.
Regarding ongoing ads, they will be up ASAP as scheduled from before, I'm so sorry I have been dragging em a bit as my laptop was down, and regarding upcoming advertisers I am about to reply now, do ensure your parcels can reach me by the 10th of June if you would like your ads taken in Hong Kong, or 15th, if you'd like your ads taken in Korea.

Thank you for reading guys/girls/giraffes!!!
I'll be updating again soon, loads of entries marked as drafts right now!