June 9, 2014

Recently I stumbled across this site on a banner link on FB that was basically screaming... "!!!FASHION AT A DISCOUNT!!!*

And so naturally, being the shopaholic I am, I clicked in to check it out and was pretty excited to see that there were 'sales' going at $5 and above... Which is really pretty damn affordable. Check out the site's main page after signing up. 

I definitely wouldn't miss a good buy so I clicked in and checked it out.
You would think the pictures on the main page didn't look too trendy, buy here's a screenshot of one of the sales with the furry outerwear second from the left that I actually thought was really nice, and really affordable at $48. Usually something like that at Topshop would cost at least $100 and above.

Just by looking at the pictures alone, the quality of the products looked pretty good and there were even items that were already sold out… so I added the item into my cart and was about to check out. 
Now, I say 'about to', because I didn't in the end.  
A good furry jacket at such an affordable price...?

I don't think so... 
And there and then, I clicked on the exit button at the left hand corner of my web page to leave the site. So… I didn't get the jacket in the end.  
Have any of you ever gone through the same encounter where you don’t know if you trust the website or not...?