KOREA : Day 1

June 23, 2014

I'm finally starting my blog posts on my recent holiday in Korea!
Been so busy with other ad posts and emails while trying to re-recover (yes, apparently I didn't recover fully from the last trip. SICK OF BEING SICK BUT I CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT SIGH.....)
I know quite a few thought I went to do surgery cos it seems pretty likely since almost everyone is getting something done these days, in Korea, especially.. but nah, I was there to shop and eat and enjoy the good weather. I have never done surgery contrary to whatever you think or heard (Thank you DRx for my fillers! They're the best!!!) and am not planning to do any for now, but I did see lotsa girls with bandages on their faces and plastic surgery advertisements everywhere so I guess it's really common there. There was this advertisement for leg surgery, though.. and it's the most attractive to me, kept thinking about getting my legs done - straight and with less of a hole in the middle..... A story for another day. Haha.

I love Korea's shopping and weather the best, the food's good but not what I can picture myself eating everyday for a long period of time. There's too much red sauce in everything... I missed my kaya bread and milo breakfasts so much!
Anyway after landing and getting a sim card (about $50SGD at the airport), we took a train to the hotel after an overnight flight. 
Ok, I am officially kinda sick of flying for awhile. Too many planes in a short period of time.. I don't like anything about flying at all, just the fact that I need to sit on a plane to get to another country. 

Not gonna recommend the hotel I stayed in cos it wasn't a good one, it was clean and comfy but it's pretty much on a little street that is a hill and climbing up and down everyday after hours of walking/shopping is really no fun at all. I recommend you do more research on other hotels if you're planning to go...! 

First stop was Dongdaemun, and truly, a shopping haven it was. Lots of shopping everywhere... the first mall I visited was the best, but it wasn't cheap at all. A 2 piece romper set for $100? And I bought tailored shorts for about $100 too... 

The Korean skincare brands in Korea are SOOOOOOO CHEAP though. I shopped a lot of beauty products at places like Skin Food, Innisfree.. cos it was really affordable and it's good reputable stuff. There's outlets literally everywhere!

I love the vending machines in Korea/Japan - so much stuff, and so convenient. You can eat at the subway ~

Someone decided to be paparazzi on this trip... so I have a lot of pictures... of myself... HAHA.
The roads are clean, like Japan and SG - Whee!

Took this pic w a GD standee for fun. HAHAHHA.

Tried the Yoogane there, it's pretty popular I think!

Cheesy rice that they fry in front of you, with chicken bits and I think it's kimchi sauce. Pretty yummy.

Too much red sauce on everything! I personally didn't like it but I think everyone there loves it. 

Abrupt end to my post. I'll be drafting and postings pics from the other days I spent there. 
Being on a holiday is so damn awesome, just gotta worry about how much to enjoy whether it be food or shopping.. and think about nothing else. 

On another note, I didn't get to see my little baby monster for almost 2 weeks, being in HK then flying to Korea the next day.. I missed her SO much that I actually broke down and cried on the 4th day in Seoul. 

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That's all for now! I'll be back REAL soon with my other posts so stay tuned xx