A Voice For Animals

July 19, 2014

Today I'm not going to be blogging about anything fashion, food, or fun related.. but something I feel pretty strongly about. And hopefully whoever is reading this on my humble little blog will be aware of what's going on and it'll make even a bit of a difference..
Before I start though. Wanna say this post is NOT paid, NOT vetted through, and it's based on whatever people have told me and whatever I've read online so far. 

So recently we've been looking around for a Frenchie (French Bulldog) to add to the family. And I headed back to where I got Chloe, a puppy pet shop at Pasir Ris Farmway 2. 
This was 5 years ago so I was about 15 or 16 then? 
I was able to bring her home within a few days of laying my eyes on her at the shop, all they needed was cash and we can bring her and all the necessities she required home - Like food, a cage, a potty.. 
I didn't think much of this then but now I realise what I was contributing to. No regrets, because Chloe must be one of the best things that happened to me, but I wish I didn't grow up and read up and find out where all these adorable puppies REALLY come from. It's disappointing and disgusts me that they are doing this. I don't understand it. 

The entire place didn't look the same anymore as it did when I was there 5 years back and neither did the puppies. Maybe it's my bad memory, but I believe it's just cos I was too much of a kid who just really wanted a puppy, I didn't care about where they come from or whether they were really whatever they stated on the birth certificate.
I was really truly quite horrified by what I saw. The puppies were dirty, the cages they sat in were dirty and they were either too small or rusty. The smell and air was just... bad. 
Some of the puppies I saw were really cute, no doubt about it. But the overall environment and the way they were trying to sell their puppies to me were so super irresponsible. 

They could say things like "You like it, you can bring it home today! Just $1.2k." to me. Much to my horror.
I guess that's how a lot of puppies end up being bought on impulse, without fully understanding the full idea that you are committing yourself to take care of it for the rest of their lives.
Then they end up being given away or abandoned because they aren't cute little puppies anymore and just too much work.

Dogs will grow old just like us, in fact, they grow old much faster. They will fall sick like us, and become not so cute anymore. But they can truly be your best friend and their enthusiasm to hear you at the door or to get belly rubs will never die, they'll love you 100% and even more, even when you least deserve it. Unconditionally and whole heartedly. You are, basically, their entire life. 

My Chloe's a little rascal, who is forever chasing after everyone and nothing at all, barking way too much when it rains and pooping more times than I wish she did a day. But she also amazes me and everyone in the family with how smart she is, knowing how to 'get angry' if we seem to be verbally or physically upset (we like to tease her by pretending to hit each other and she gets REALLY upset, wanting to bark and make you stop) with each other.. and having that so super cute guilty face when she does something naughty. And I will love her until the last day she has here on earth. 

Other pups, unfortunately, are not so lucky.
We are not allowed to take pictures at any of the shops at the farmway, but I managed to sneak this one from inside the car.

How does that look like a happy environment at all... It was injured so his hind legs can't move about and he just sat there, sliding around using this front paws whenever he could.

And I heard there's worse things going on inside. Puppy mills make them give birth repeatedly with no rest (proven to be bad for the dogs, they get old very quickly and won't be healthy anymore), so they produce lots of puppies to pick from, and the good looking ones are lucky enough to go on display while the rest who are not so lucky get squeezed in little cages. It's inhumane, disgusting and very upsetting to know that even my Chloe could have come from a mom who was forced through this repeatedly.

How these places are still allowed to be in business I REALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND. 

And this is why we'll be putting our Frenchie puppy/dog adoption on hold till we can really adopt a suitable one to call 'family', I refuse to be part of this disgusting cycle.

I follow this page on FB called Voices For Animals and they are often updating the page with pics of the dogs up for adoption, information on adopting and volunteer opportunities too.
There's an upcoming adoption drive that I hope I'll be able to drop by.. if you're looking to find a dog to bring home, maybe you can consider this instead!
They just need a chance and I'm sure they can give you the love you shower upon them back in ten folds. 

Once again, I'd like to stress this - This post is NOT paid, NOT vetted through, and it's based on whatever people have told me and whatever I've read online so far. 
Just hoping it will make a difference, even a little is good enough.