July 24, 2014


So, some time back, I posted this pic on Instagram of two of my current wardrobe obsessions.
My dream bag, a B30 with GHW, and a beautiful lace bralet from Topshop that fits me perfect cos it was from the PETITE section!
(And... yes, I sold my red B35 cos it was too heavy and big for 156cm tall me!)

I got a lot of questions regarding the bralet and I'm here to answer them now.  
I got it from Ion's Topshop and I was really super excited to pay up for it (HAHA first time I'm saying I'm excited to pay for anything...) cos they have the most awesome, updated mode of payment of all - DASH - at the counters! Just key in the counter code, 248 (as you see below), type the payment amount, and you're good to go! 

So… You must be asking, what is Dash? 
Dash is SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank’s newest collaboration, a new mobile application that allows you to make payments and save money with real cash via your smartphone (Android/iPhone).  
It is literally a portable ATM in your pocket! 

So, after keying in the 248 code at the Topshop Ion counter, I simply paid for my purchases using the Dash app, and also managed to get my points on my F3 card. 

All this was done within ONE minute!  No need to sign any receipt, or find cash/coins in my wallet!  
Easy peasy. 

You can also use Dash at some other popular shops like Watsons, KOI and so on... I love that I can use it at Topshop, cos I love Topshop's stuff but I ULTRA LOVE that I can pay for cab rides as well with Dash!  
Some cabbies may be a lil grumpy if you have a $100 note as they don't have the change for it, or even grumpier if it turns out you don't have enough cash after all and need to visit an ATM before going to your destination... Worst situation ever would be if the ATM has a long queue! 
Well, these situations are a thing of the past with Dash, cos all of us will most definitely have either an Android or iPhone that can have Dash on it via a quick download! 

Here's all  my transactions so far.. hehe, told you that I love Topshop.

On the right hand side of the above pic, you can see that you have the option to pay friends or pay business. Yes, this means that if you would like to transfer cash to a friend next to you, you can too! Easily and quickly with Dash. 
Perfect for those Mahjong nights or when you're out for supper and don't have enough cash on you and  with no ATM in sight.

My small Chanel bag is such a beauty but it is definitely lacking in one thing. SPACE.
Check out how putting in my essentials like breath mints, powder compact, sunnies and camera leaves no space for a wallet.

But because of the Dash app on my iPhone, I don’t need to bring my wallet out at all! I can literally head out just like this! Phone, and myself!

So thankful for technology that makes our lives easier everyday. SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank’s newest innovation, Dash, is absolutely one of the best inventions thus far. 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DashSingapore   
YouTube:  DashSingapore 
Instagram: #needsanupdate 

Sign up for Dash and then download it on your smartphone for FREE  via App Store/Pay Store, and 
get $10 pre-loaded in your Dash account immediately!  

Sign Up here: https://bit.ly/1jq3EKV 

I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!