{AD} Gladleigh

July 23, 2014

Gladleigh's a new name here and a new name to me as well, but I'm super glad I got the chance to find this webstore cos they have some pretty awesome quirky fashion and once again, can I just express my love for all things black and white?!

"Gladleigh, also pronounced as Gladly, hopes to make your shopping experience a gleeful one. We are TWO fun-sized earthlings out in this big big world with a common pursuit; all ladies' wardrobe be hollering for our clothes!
We whiz in the direction of the latest fashion trends and strive to sustain our products at affordable prices."

I kept this pair of shorts in a material I wish I had more clothes of. Love how these mesh/tulle shorts make an outfit more girly.

I'm not kidding when I say I left it un-ironed on purpose, cos I prefer the texture of it like this. Crispy.

Also being creepy and enjoying how cute the model looks in all the shots! She makes me wanna get bangs.. But I know that's not a good idea cos I'll regret it the next day - so indecisive about everything hahahah ~

Love the baby blue set on the right.


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