Arossa Wine & Grill

July 4, 2014

Fine dining is already one of the best things in life to savour, but fine dining with a view?
Even better!

Headed down to Arossa Wine and Grill recently to try out their menu and it was a really interesting experience cos I never tried the kinda food they served before... If you're wondering, it's more of an Italian/Japanese joint than just an Italian restaurant.
Here I am looking excited to eat eat eat!

The lady on the top left corner is the chef and she's as talented as she is pretty hehehe. I love the bread they're selling!

Here's my view from the private dining room in the restaurant! Love city lights.

And the menu for the night..

Here's the bread I mentioned they're selling.. it's baked in house and the dipping sauce is also made in house, the sauce is SOOO good. I wish I could buy it lol, but they don't sell it.

This Burrata dish was quite strange to try at first.. the texture's like egg white but it's cheesy.
I quite liked it!

Eggplant Lagsana.. I'll be honest and say I'm not a fan cos I personally don't like eggplant. 
If you do, though, I think you'd love this unique dish.


This is my second favourite dish of the night. Flat ribbon pasta with veal. I thought the noodles really looked like meepok, much to the amusement of my fellow guests hahaha.

Hands down my favourite dish.. TRUFFLE MASH!!! With super soft beef cheek that's just braised to yummy perfection.

This Tuna's half grilled, half raw.. I wouldn't say I love it but it's an interesting dish to try. If you're a tuna sashimi fan I think you'd love this very much.

Third fave of the night. The Tiramisu here is really so super delicious. I was supposed to share it but I think I ate most of it. HAHAHA. *Raise your hands, every other girl who has another stomach for desserts*

Thank you for your warm hospitality and great food, Arossa Wine and Grill!
I'll be back soon x

Scotts Square
8 Scotts Road