Beach Holiday

July 17, 2014

Some happy news to share... I'm going to be off from sunny here to sunny Bali once again!
So excited to check out this amazing resort that's highly raved about and so damn beautiful judging from the pictures I've seen.

This means... I'll be opening slots for advertorials there. I have 4 more slots to go and if you would like to feature either your swimwear/beachwear/casual dresses, I'd love to bring it there and take beautiful pictures of it!

Also wanna mention some pretty... exciting(to me it is!) news.....
I'm gonna be back to doing shoots again!!!!
 It's been SO SO long!!!
Now I can remove that sentence from my usual email replies that say "I won't be doing shoots for now" anymore.
That's how I started and I'm going back now cos
1. I have time on my hands now and I haven't found anything suitable to do so WHY NOT!
2. I really.. and completely honestly miss it.

I'm doing up a super special rate complete with advertorial fees included so do email me for more details and I look forward to working with you!

Here's just a random picture from an upcoming series on a new post from my newly appointed 'official' photographer hahahaha.
Work is truly not work when it's fun without being any less productive at the same time!

All enquiries to be directed to :

Thank you x

P.S. I'm actually doing up photos for a giveaway I can't wait to hold. It includes a lot of new stuff, good stuff, that I hope you girls will like!
More details really soon!!!