DRx : Essential Facial Plus & Botox x Blush Waxing

July 5, 2014

Yet another post full of my naked face! Honestly, I used to NEVER be able to post pictures (even if I did, I filtered it or only took pics of my face on good skin days... not anymore) of my naked skin like I do now. It's all thanks to DRx. *endless love and gratitude*
DRx has kinda become my second home - Love being there with the caring Joycelyn/Charlene/Dr Yanni and therapists who are so super professional and good at what they do.

Got an Essential Facial Plus done to clear out my blackheads and moisturise my skin cos flying around had taken its toll on my skin.. it was so dry it produced more oil to make up for it and I ended up with sooo many clogged pores. 
Here is a full post on the Essential Facial Plus : http://www.rchlwngx.com/2013/12/drx-essential-facial-plus-eye-laser.html

So happy to be pampered at DRx, I know I'll always be in good hands there.

The steps are exactly the same as in the post linked above but this time, I got a Seaweed mask instead of the brightening one as my skin REALLY needed the moisture! It's GREEEEN GOOOOO!!!
The mask is extremely icy cold and so perfect cos after extraction, what you need is something cold to close the pores.

The therapist told me NO MAKEUP after the facial treatment so I can let my pores breathe and recover first and so I walked around in town the entire day like that. No beauty without a lil sacrifice.

I headed from DRx Medispa after, to the clinic (which is right opposite actually) to get my Botox cherry popped. Yes, I FINALLY FINALLY got Botox done!!! I've been wanting to try out Botox forever. Although people always tell me my face is small enough already.. I'm just very vain okay.. I want a tiny jawline. Dr Yanni said I'm a suitable candidate for Botox so we got it done!
Here I am, happy even though my face was soooo bare cos I was really truly excited.

For Botox, they recommend icing the area to numb it instead of numb cream. And indeed, it was good advice. The ice really made the process about a 1/10 on the pain scale and 3/10 on the discomfort scale.
The feeling is really different from fillers, it's more like an aching feeling when the solution goes into the muscle.

Botox is known mostly for reducing wrinkles but it can also do a lot of other things for you - It works by relaxing the muscles.. For me, as I wanted a smaller jaw, both my left and right sides were injected just once on both sides.
Thank you Dr Yanni, you're the best and I trust my face/life in your hands completely hehe.

Results are not immediate - Dr Yanni said a month? But weird enough, it's been just a day and I feel like it's already smaller?!?!?
Here are my before pictures. I'll update again in a month when you can really see the difference...

DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


After that I headed a few buildings away, Midpoint Orchard, to visit Blush!
Blush offers hair removal services like waxing and IPL - I was really just intending to check out the salon, and I did consider a Brazilian wax before heading there but I chickened out!!!! 
Ended up waxing my arm hair cos I'm such a hairy arm-ed monkey HAHA. Also tried out their IPL hair removal on my underarms too! (No pictures of this... Shy... HAHA)
The place is small but I love it, so super cozy and comfy!

My therapist has been in the business for 10 years already, so I felt safe leaving my hands in her hands.

The waxing I did on my arm is pretty much a normal wax, but with Epilfree applied after that, as pictured above - Hairgrowth is promised to be reduced much more than without it. I can't wait to finally see my arms with zero hair growth one day!

Here's the dramatic before and after :

I can finally not worry about people realising how hairy my arms are!! Yay.
A session usually costs $188, but a first trial is just $88. 
Brazilian waxing, if you're interested, is $48 per session but $38 now for first trial.

Do contact them should you have any further queries!

Blush Wax
Tel : 6836 5421