Food Haunts..

July 7, 2014

You'd know I'm a huge foodie if you've been reading my blog for a long time. I love good food and Singapore is sooo full of places with delicious food in all kinds of different cuisines. 
Just to name obvious favourites, I love DTF and Imperial Treasure so much!
And yet another one of my favourite places to eat, without a doubt, is Manbok ~

There are so many good food places in Singapore so what sets one restaurant apart from the others?

Well.. let's just say I'm always very very happy after a meal at Manbok because I get my food cooked for me, my tea drink is easily topped up with the big bottle they provide at the start of the meal.. and if they see I'm running out of veggie, I get top ups immediately!

Good food and service is the ultimate recipe to have me coming back for more!
(If you're hungry, I warn you not to look at the next few pictures....)

And moreeee

And moreeeeeeeee...

Brought my family and friends to try it...

See how happy I am having my meat cooked for me hehehe.. 

The one thing I deduced is that I think the shop is kinda family-owned, and everybody looks happy to be working there (the ahjumma always walks past and smiles and nods happily), and the staffs always initiate conversations with the customers. This made me think that they always have great service because the people working there are really happy workers! 

I remember something NTUC chief Lim Swee Say mentioned about how “We must remember that people serving us are people too.” And that we need to “treat each other as equals with courtesy, respect and appreciation.” So that we can all become “better employers, better workers and better customers, all at the same time".  

I’m not sure how the people running Manbok does such a great job at workers’ satisfaction but it made me think that maybe they have some sort of incentive system that rewards good service.  

There was discussion generated a while back on whether or not Singapore should implement minimum wage and after my experience at many different restaurants in Singapore with a wide spectrum of service standards, I think that the Progressive Wage Model is a far better model. 

If you have not heard of the Progressive Wage Model, here’s what it is in a nutshell:  

With the Progressive Wage Model, employees have the opportunity to upgrade their skills, map out a career path, increase their wages, and also productivity.  

By being more productive, workers get rewarded for better service and performance, which really is a huge incentive for them to provide better service to customers! Since they receive rewards for their hard work, they will also feel more motivated to improve their skills. The rewards that come with hard work will result in employees feeling more recognized and appreciated, which in turn leads to much happier workers!  

Like my experience at Manbok, the staffs’ happy spirit really is infectious and makes the overall dining experience extremely pleasant and enjoyable, resulting in me returning for meals over and over again.  

Happy workers -> Great Service -> Happy Customers 

What are some of your favourite food haunts? Don’t you think that the places with happy workers always lead to good service and result in happy customers and thus are always visited more often?