Korea Part 2 : Tourist Spots x Hongdae

July 2, 2014

The amount of pictures I took in Korea is INSANEEEE.
But anyway I'm finally here with my second post! 
It's a pretty long one, covering touristy spots like the Gyeongbokgung (Palace)/Namsan Tower and Hongdae, for shopping.

To start off this entry... I just wanna say that the fruits and milk in Korea was really super fresh and yummy. The bananas especially, so sweet!! I'm like a monkey, we bought bananas to eat everyday wahahaha. (Helps with digestion too, I think!)
A packet of choco milk every morning as well cos I was missing my daily Milo fix that I have every morning at home.

We headed to 'Gyeongbokgung',  the palace to check it out. It's very touristy and there were LOADSSS of people though we were there pretty early, 11+ am? You have to pay to get in but the place is really cool cos when you look out, it's buildings everywhere! I wish Singapore had a palace too and royalty. Haha.

These poor soldiers were in full gear standing outside and I took a cheeky selfie with him like this. HAHA. 

Not much, honestly, we left pretty soon for Namsan Tower which is where you can see all of Seoul from REALLY high up! Took a cable car ride that was super crowded. Didn't like that part at all.

No I didn't break the chair.. it's for lovers to sit close to one another!

Instructions on locking your love...

And keys go in here....

Singapore should totally have something like this, I think a lot of people would wanna lock their love as well!

And shopping at Hongdae that was quite awesome... Cos Stylenanda's flagship store is located here.
I got an awesome pair of boots and some other good steals as well.

Must do at the flagship store - take pictures in the photobooth!

More Korea posts amongst other interesting reads up soon!
I've been SOOO busy, but thankful to be. 
Hope everyone's having a great midweek ~