Korea Part 3 : Ewha University x Myeongdong

July 9, 2014

Part 3 of my Korea trip's ready!
I've been so super busy with other posts so this took awhile... The next post which is the last one will be up soon though ^.^

We headed to Ewha University in the day...
If I'm not wrong, from whatever research I conducted, Ewha University is a private women's university and the train station is named after it but the area around that entire place is pretty much full of shop after shop which is a shopping haven for girls cos the prices are generally cheaper than it is to cater to the students who don't has as much $$$ to spend freely!

I was craving carbonara SOOO badly, we headed to the Pizza Hut there to eat. Wahahahaha.
Check out the view from the table at Pizza Hut.. this is the beginning of the street. That building opposite with the word KOPITIAM, promises authentic Singapore food... but I don't believe it'll be as good as real Singapore goodies.

FINALLY SOME CARBONARAAAA!!! Woohoo, super yummy especially with tobasco sauce.

Kids meal and chilli cheese fries. 

And lots of walking after lunch along the streets.
There's beauty shop after beauty shop, clothes, accessories, shoes... everything.
I, however, didn't find anything I personally liked cos a lot of it was basics and I had already bought a lot of nice things so I wanted to curb my spending a lil!

The people there are really significantly younger, though. They even had a dance competition the day we were there.

Oh we tried this egg/cheese bread thing that's super raved about but I didn't quite like it THAT much cos the pastry is really sweet. I like the cheesy eggy part though!

Nothing much to do there other than shopping, I think, so we headed to Myeongdong which we hadn't checked out yet! Unfortunately, it started raining... so we couldn't go walk along the streets and shop. 
Settled at a convenient coffee shop at the start of the street and it was the best decision yet...

Because the coffee here is truly FANTASTIC!!!! I really loved it so much, it was hazelnutty but not too much, it was thick and creamy but I didn't get sick of it... omg. GOOD GOOD COFFEE. Try it if you're there! Oh and featuring, also, my lovely nails by GlitzyFingers.

The rain didn't stop even after a long time, so.. it was time to take lotttts of pictures!

This is a selfie with my trusty cam hehe. Bad hair don't care.

There's this BBQ place near the hotel that's really conveniently about 50 steps away so we tried it. No regrets, I love Korean BBQ...

Ultra finely sliced marbled beef! Good stuff.

And of course, you can't miss out on the many many side dishes as well.

Any fellow bibimbap lovers out there?

Blogging about Korea really makes me miss the weather, and shopping...
As a kid, I remember going to a few countries with my parents but I don't remember them well. 
The other places I've visited after I turned 18 are definitely more memorable in a way?

Sigh!! Speaking of which, I miss Bangkok's cheap food and massages..

 And HK's yummy dimsum already.

But the one country I miss the most is definitely Tokyo. 
The food there, the streets... I wanna go back there really soon!

There are still so many places on my list of countries to visit, and I hope and pray I get the chance to really soon before I'm all too grown up to just fly whenever I wanna without any commitments.

What else is on my bucketlist :
(pictures credit to google)
First would be Paris!  I wanna shop along the highly scenic fashion streets like Avenue Montaigne till I literally drop , and check out the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum..

The other place I’d wanna strike off from my travel destinations is East Africa, Kenya; wanna stay at the GIRAFFE MANOR!!!! Everyone who knows me knows I just LOVE giraffes and I can’t imagine how surreal it would be, having my breakfast and coming so close to my darling giraffes! Just look at the picture I found from google… I’d be quite disappointed if this isn’t what I’ll be experiencing! 

And then, definitely, a relaxing holiday in Santorini, Greece. Seen such beautiful pictures there, I wanna breathe the air, I wanna walk on the same ground!

What's on your bucketlist?

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