Random Dates

July 3, 2014

Been busy almost everyday, and it's crazy how I was ever worried about what to do after graduation cos life has just been a dream come true - busy day after busy day filled with lots of love, laughter, opportunities and..... GOOD FOOD! Truly thankful every single day. 

Here's a random post on the random dates I've been on over the past week...
Sundate to church as usual, and lunch after with my dearest family. 
My sister took these shots for me with the new camera I've been using! It's a Canon SLR, not even sure what model it is, but I'm learning to use it so I have better pictures here ^^

Navy Bralet and High Slit Pants from the awesome www.carrislabelle.com 
Chanel Boy Bag
Silver Heels by FLEURAW (scroll back for full post on these!)

Well, although I felt pretty dressed up... I really wanted to eat local food so we headed to a pretty famous teochew porridge stall.

The braised pig trotters and chilli here are TOOO DIEEEEE FORRRRRR. The rest of the dishes are good too!

Alishan Restaurant, 1008 Upper Serangoon Road.


And on the same day, I met up with two special boys for dinner!
We headed to the (also) kinda famous Ah Lam's Abalone Noodle stall.

This cod fish was pretty good (I LOVE COD FISHHHHH) but it was $25 which I thought wasn't too worth it. 

Good soup with abalone and chicken bits (I think it's chicken...)

460 Race Course Road.

And then, to Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Cafe for cake and drinks after that.
Eating with this Melvin is never just eating. It's overeating. Always.

Nice and interesting place but I wouldn't say the cake nor drinks were great in my opinion?


And the next night... To SkinInc's event! I was honestly very excited about meeting the Song sisters in person... But I had serious wardrobe trouble. The theme was colourful and there I was, standing in front of my wardrobes with a headache cos everything was either black or white or denim or plaid. Didn't know I took my love for monochrome outfits THAT far!!!!!
Here's my best try at putting together some colours anyway...
MISBHV jacket, shop6x6 shorts, Chanel Boy Bag, Jeffrey Campbell confetti shoes.

And I finally met 'em and got to take a pic too! Aimee told me she liked my jacket and I was all awkward cos I was so shy HAHA.

Oh, by the way!
We were super hungry so a few of us headed downstairs (Sofitel) to have dinner and can I just say... MY BEEF DISH WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!
It has potatoes, sea salt, mushrooms and some really chewy tasty beef slices. So good.

I'll be back for moreeee soon!!!!


And today, I visited the best clinic in the world (hehe, do I sound biased) DRx (I'll be blogging about my latest treatment soon!!!) - before a waxing apppointment (post up soon as well) - and then finally dinner with my Rose. I haven't seen her in so damn long. So much to catch up on. 

We love the truffle fries here at PS Cafe!!! Food shots by her. I'm so bad with the new camera lens (zoom lenses) it hurts >< Hahahah.

Can't believe it was only half a week and I got so much done!
Quite a few upcoming appointments/meetings/dates too. 

Happy rest of the week, we're a day away from the weekends x