Red x Black, Alice and Sushi.

July 16, 2014

I'm hardly in colour but I've been making a conscious effort to add some in whenever I can!
Explored Chinatown a bit more than I usually do in an outfit made out of red and black...

Cropped Flare Top - Carrislabelle
Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - Somewhereinmywardrobe
Bag - Hermes
Heels - Customised just for me by PROJECTSHOE

Alice in Wonderland is my most favourite Disney cartoon of all, nothing about Prince Charming or an evil stepmom but just a girl who's a dreamer.. kinda like me. 
Got this set done by the super talented Belle at GlitzyFingers! Gotta love the gold studs, baby blue and paddle pop. 
Contact her at +6581007353.

And then it was time for dinner at Ion's new Itacho for sushi with the boys..

Where J got me some of my favourite chocolates.

What a great day!

How is everyone's midweek going?