SkinnyMint : Dare to Be Gorgeous

July 7, 2014

So... if you follow me on IG, @rchlwngxx - you'd have seen my posts on SkinnyMint!
It's been a great journey, 28 days of teatoxing. And I'm here to blog about me entire journey with it.

This is the old packaging, when it arrived more than a month ago.
It's just a simple two step teatox : 
Morning Boost
Kickstart your day with extra energy – Every day of the Teatox
Night Cleanse
Cleanse & revitalize – Every 2nd day of the Teatox 

Now they have it in not only spanking new packaging, they have a NEW IMPROVED FORMULA Night Cleanse as well! (Night Cleanse on the left, Morning Boost on the right!)

I'll be honest throughout this review, I didn't drink super religiously but at least once a day, I'd have either the Morning Boost or Night Cleanse, if not both. And I'm not saying this will work for everyone but it worked for me! I do love the taste of the Morning Boost Tea, but the Night Cleanse is a lil bit less fruity and has a stronger aftertaste... However, most importantly, I'd say it works.
Everyone who has been following my blog for awhile would know I have digestion problems.. (I know, ew... hahahahaa) and I've been on laxatives on and off for a long time. I wouldn't say SkinnyMint clears my entire intestinal tract like a laxative does, but it definitely helps to give me more toilet trips! Yay!

Here's a guide to the Teatox program.. And do note the bottom note cos it's important if you're pregnant/breastfeeding/have any allergies with any of the ingredients.

If you're wondering if I did experience less bloating, YES. Have more energy during the day, YES. (There's caffeine!) Curb appetite, NO.. not for me, cos I'm super greedy. Hehehe.

But check out my tummy after finishing my SkinnyMint Teatox! And pictured here is the new packaging - sleek and convenient. Zero photoshop, I swear.

Here's a guide to the ingredients in the blends. I REEEEALLY love the taste of the Morning Boost!

You don't have to worry as well about the quality or mixing it with anything at all like other medications or food - because it is 100% natural.
Food synergy is also at work here - the combination of certain ingredients make the effectiveness even better than it already is on its own!

SkinnyMint is produced in Germany, packaged in Singapore.
I love that they celebrate being healthy, happy because that is true beauty - inside out!

There is, of course, no miracle product, everything in moderation. You gotta eat clean, exercise - SkinnyMint is an extra boost to that combination. I'm not fit or super healthy but I'd say it's thanks to my naturally quick metabolism and the fact I try to eat healthy whenever I can.. like a salad for dinner (and chips for supper but at least it was a salad for dinner first!)

Dare To Be Gorgeous and kickstart your teatox with SkinnyMint now!