July 19, 2014

Finally went to try Hai Di Lao since Imperial Treasure's Steamboat restaurant (which I usually go to) had about the same waiting time... We waited SO CRAZILY LONG but I really wanted to try it...

People always talk about how awesome the service/food/experience is and how they keep going back for more so I wanted to see it for myself and boy was I impressed! Could finally understand why so many people love it. The service truly sets them apart from any other restaurant I've been to.

While waiting for a table which is the only downside to your entire experience, you not only get drinks, fruits and popcorn to munch on but you also get to play in this fun room if you are a kid (which I wish I was hahaha)...

And do your nails!

The service is so damn fast, we ordered, went to get our sauces and when we were back our food was already waiting for us. This was round one.
The ingredients are fresh and the soup's super tasty. This is the tomato and mala soup.

When the waitress saw me using my phone, she helped me keep it in this ziplock bag, keeping my phone safe from oil.

Watching this guy dance with our noodles HAHA.

I feel like going back already. TOO GOOD.
Majorly impressed!