5 & Dime // HDL // 2 Chefs // BLUSH

August 21, 2014

This is my 1234th post! 
Happy 1234th to rchlwngx.com/myself and thank you for reading this if you are reading this.

Been up to so much over the past few days -- Not just work-wise but spending time with the people I care about which is not easy to do when everyone's just so busy with their own things.
I headed to Five and Dime for lunch the other day and it's not my first time but I still felt pretty excited to be there cos the ambience is lovely and so is one of the waitresses (hehe..) Five and Dime is located at 297 River Valley Rd.

This Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake is TO DIE FOR!!! So good. It's worth every calorie. 

Really casual get up for the day cos I was simply too lazy to dress up. 


HDL with the girls for dinner! I've been eating so much of HDL -- and all my other favourite food.  HDL is at 313 Somerset and Clarke Quay but I'm always at the 313 one.


Went to try Two Chefs which is pretty well known for it's yummy zichar dishes... can't believe I've never tried it before. I like the KangKong best even though the milk powder pork ribs is supposed to be the star!
409 Sin Ming Ave


And it's been more than a month which is a lil too long but I headed back to Blush to get my arm waxed/armpits IPL-ed. 

No pictures of my armpits of course, that'd be too weird... But this time I didn't have itchy hands that threaded/plucked it first so I had more 'black pigments' to work with since IPL hair removal basically works on dark pigments.

And my favourite full arm waxing with Epilfree! This time the hair regrowth is already lesser! Check out my previous post with my pre-treatment condition HERE. I love it. So effective. My treatments were simply too far apart so I'm gonna make the effort to head down for my next treatment earlier.

I loveeee the after - so super smooth, any bracelet or watch would look 10 times better on my arm!

And a September Promotion for my readers :
Brazillian waxing at 2 for the price of one - this means it's only $48 for two people. Grab a girlfriend and go grab the deal!

Blush Wax
Tel : 6836 5421