Pooch's Image

August 31, 2014

I'm so happy to be bloggin' about Pooch's Image today... my lil Chloe's pet groomer!
They're a vintage concept pet groomer/store located in the east side which is really convenient especially for me, and they've got all you need for your best friend's needs.
Food, treats, toys, beds, supplements.. Almost anything and everything.
 This is also including grooming, which is a definite must for most of our furry pals, especially for dogs like Chloe's breed. She's a Maltese so her fur will grow and grow and needs regular trims so she can actually see through her fur!
This is her before grooming. Super messy, her nails and fur grow so fast. 
(High maintenance like her owner, my dad would say... Haaaaa.)
Can't believe she's already 5 years old... I don't know if I'm just a biased doggy owner but I always think she looks like a baby. Still 5 months to me at 5 years old.

Being lovingly groomed by Valerie ~

And me, being a pathetic mama who doesn't wanna leave her behind.

Looking at doggies shower is always so cute, they defluff immediately and have this frantic "I don't wanna shower, help me please" look on their faces. 

And they definitely did a great job, check out how white Chloe's fur is and so much neater!

A big thank you to Pooch's Image for taking care of all our fur kids' needs!
Chloe will be going for a spa treatment the next time as well, and more updates will be recorded monthly on my Instagram so you can see the results.

119 Upper East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 455244.
Call them at: 6344 4044 for any enquiries.