Comin' Up...

September 24, 2014

Just got back to Singapore earlier today and it seems like I always have to fall sick somehow whenever I travel.... So do gimme a lil more time for my upcoming posts, I have tonnes of pictures from my recent trip and yknow, after going to HK twice already this year, I thought I wouldn't fall in love with this country again but I did.
Not complaining tooooo much, though, I love travelling and despite falling sick, I always enjoy the new experiences every trip has to offer. It might be the same place but it definitely always is a different experience depending on the company you're with and this time, I had my best friend and he really took the time to take the best pictures he could for me. Thankful.
We enjoyed the short trip although it was just 3 days -- HK has way too much good shopping and food to offer!

Today was also supposed to be my Lasalle graduation ceremony but I couldn't make it due to a meeting / being sick.. Although I wasn't there to celebrate with everyone else, I had a wonderful dinner with my closest ones later in the evening. And seeing as they were the ones who helped me pull through what was I think my hardest times ever.. I guess it's not considered any less of a celebration! 

Check back soon and I hope everyone's having a great week so far...