Jettin' Off..

September 17, 2014

Jetting off to HongKong and Bangkok real soon - two awesome holiday destinations known for good shopping and good food in less than a week!
Really need a break from everything here, although I'm feeling much better already... I'm so excited to plan my outfits, pack up and just go, but just wanted to draft my posts here and space 'em out over the next few days so this space doesn't get too dead before I'm back. 

Also, I always love going overseas cos it means a thousand more possibilities to take beautiful pictures, whether it be of the places I visit.. or as backdrops for my outfit pictures. Hongkong and Bangkok are cities, so don't send me bikinis and beachwear like you guys did the last time I was on a plane - to Bali - but send me some fun pieces I can dress up in and take good pictures for your ads! 
P.S. I've been digging colours a lil more lately like the latest resort-like floral printed stuff with an edgier cut like the peplum bustier above ;)
Opening just a few slots per trip so do email me soon at to book one now.

Took this big and beautiful ring out yesterday as well - find out where to get it from on my INSTAGRAM! Hope you're following me already, if not, do hit the follow button - And if you're already following me.. I'm so thankful for all the love and support over these 3 years, 2 more thousands to the big 80k! Perhaps, it's slower and not as many as many other bloggers but I'm thankful for every one of you. Thank you for following me and letting me do what I love everyday x


Visited my dearest Belle just yesterday as well for a new set on my fingers and toes and she gave me these beautiful black and gold Unicorn x Foil x Dior nails that I loooooove as usual. 
And if Belle's your manicurist too, do give her a hearty congratulations cos she's expecting her first baby! I'm so happy for her, been telling her to 'make one' (haha) for the past year she's been married!

She also gave me a matching pedicure! 
Man, so much love for the Glitzyfingers team...

Contact Belle for an appointment to get your dream nails :
101 Upper Cross Street, #03-58, People's Park Centre, 058357