September 12, 2014

I hardly pen down personal thoughts anymore but I do make the exception when something bothers me more than usual.. and this is one of the rare times. Afterall, I do know how boring it is to view advertorial after advertorial on blogs that used to be filled with much more than that. If you've been following me, you should know why, I blogged a post about that HERE.

Back to topic, a friend recently got let down by her boyfriend and confided in me because she knew it happened to me as well and I dealt with it seemingly 'emotionlessly' so she wanted to know how I did it and how I didn't get angry with the third party because, in her words, she wanted to "Kill that bitch".

I know it is often easy to blame the third party for the cheating because you simply love your other half too much to blame them for it but I constantly remind people who are in this situation that if your other half loves you and had chosen to be with you, he or she has the 100% choice of cheating or not cheating on you, no matter how great the temptation. No matter how much more good looking the third party is, or if she or he is constantly texting or calling your lover, your other half ALWAYS has the COMPLETE choice of cheating on you or not. 

Even in my case, my friends who saw the screenshots were all over Facebook trying to find out who the girl in the messages were, while I was totally not interested in even knowing her name. Because it doesn't matter. He had the choice to text her or not, he had the choice to touch her or not, and he chose to do what he did. The choice was 100% his. And it's okay. Even if I recognize that my relationship had its gaps and problems, it was never my fault nor the third party's fault. Because it was completely his choice. 

My friend is beautiful, wonderful inside out and doesn't need to worry about suitors for she has plenty. And whatever I can do to take that anger and hurt away from her, I would do. But first, I hope she and everyone else out there who has been hurt in the same way would see that you are not to blame in such a situation and neither is the third party. Recognize you are worth so, so much more than being a person's 99% because you should be a person's 100% and nothing less than that should be okay with you.

It happens, not thinking clearly when it comes to love, for this thing called love makes people do crazy things and you realize there's no winning or losing. But you have to realise this : It is not love if someone hurts you with the intention or knowledge of doing so, and yes, with love it is always a messy situation but with the right amount of communication and selflessness, you can cause as little hurt as possible.
I still believe in fate.. that everyone you meet, you meet for a reason. And everyone you fall in love with, you fall in love with for a reason. But in the end, you will be with who you were always meant to be with. And you'll see what it all had to happen the way it did. 


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