September's Hong Kong

September 29, 2014

It is literally always a good time in the city of Hong Kong -- I love the shopping and the food so much I could probably never ever get sick of it! It's cleaner than BKK when it comes to everything, yummy food everywhere and more streetwear than Singapore when it comes to shopping, so it's a nice destination for a quick getaway.
I really needed a break from stuff around here, and I'm just way thankful to have someone by my side who knew I needed a break and said "Ok, let's get outta here." immediately!

We spent a short three days just eating at the usual places I visit and shopping at the places you can't find here in Singapore, and visiting Disneyland - "The happiest place is the world!" - which always holds true for me since I'm such a kid at heart.

Floral outerwear from the fun and flirty MODKSA who sent me this just two days before my trip! Thank you for this lovely kimono outerwear, perfect with my white romper. 
Shop with them at xx



Boots by the one and only YOUNGHUNGRYFREE.

And as promised... a short VLOG of the entire trip! We are definitely guilty of having way too much fun to remember to take videos of everything we did... But I included every single clip we did video down!
It took FOREVER to get this VLOG up, with the previous program I used crashing and everything... but it doesn't matter now, here you go, guys. Hope you like it xx

Beeeee backkkkk sooooooon!!!