September 21, 2014

Weekend Visuals!

So happy to say I'm all better, and a huge part of this is definitely cos I've been able to see some of the faces I haven't seen in a long time and hear some of the voices I wish I heard more often and will make the effort to hear from more often from here on. Wish I grabbed a pic with every single one of 'em but I guess having too much fun makes you forget to take pictures! I enjoyed a crazy yummy yakitori meal at Shunjuu, milkshakes and a custard lava cake at Five&Dime, some good ol' DTF and woah to even having the time to have a quick dip in the pool.

I'm jettin' off to HK right now, scheduling this post for Sunday morning - and will be back in a few days with visuals of my adventures!
Eating and shopping in Hong Kong is probably something I can never, ever get sick of. My new site would be almost ready to launch next week as well (crossing ma fingers on this) so I can hold my giveaways/sell some of my preloved stuff that really deserves a better home, seeing the great condition they are in. 
Also, really wanna say thank you to all the interested advertisers who contacted me, I was so happy all my slots and even more were taken up right after the last post... :')
Really thankful that I get to do what I love, thanks to all of you. Thank you. 

This week was so hectic, and I think I pretty much experienced both the really highs and really lows of life. There'll always be someone who wants to bring you down when they see you're neither next to them or below them, so keep your chin up always and absorb only the positive stuff. Spread some love and cheer, everyone is fighting a tough battle, somehow...