DRx : Prepping' for Korea!

October 7, 2014

Posted a selfie on my instagram the other day right after my RF brightening treatment at DRx Medispa, and other than a comment or two on that pic saying my skin was really glowing, I was so surprised that I had two ladies actually come up to me while I was buying juice and queueing for a cab to say I have amazing skin too!
Felt really good to get compliments with a completely bare face.. I used to be SO insecure about my skin which used to be oily, dull and uneven for most of my teenaged years and it felt like magic, finding Dr Yanni at DRx and having her treat my skin till the way it is now. 
My pores have significantly become smaller with the use of their skincare range that has been customized for me, my dark circles at least 75% better after a few sessions of Revita Eye.. and definitely, the fillers and botox that have promised to enhance my face shape and did. 

Actually, I'd say that the treatments completely changed my face shape and skin texture. Like magic.
I always tell people this : Even if DRx no longer wanted to sponsor me, I'd pay for their products and treatments without complaint, for everything works like it promises to!
*A sponsor means everything I say about them/it comes from my experience alone, there are no 'briefs' for these posts, and no 'deadlines' nor obligations to actually mention them.*
Also got fillers touched up on my nose just the day before the treatment, and as you can see, there is ZERO swelling or bruising and the result is really natural. Dr Yanni makes magic with her hands, doesn't she?

An RF brightening treatment is the perfect choice for you if you have a special event to attend and need that extra glow - I've tried it before and it works wonders, so since I'm going to Korea to film something, I HAD to get one of these sessions done before leaving! 

Also, I blogged about getting DRx tricho treatments done before this, and 5 months later now, I have a fuller head of hair and here's some proof!
I was really so sad about my hairline receding due to bleaching my hair too much and tying it up too tightly and too often... I kept trying to use my hand to cover it in pictures and it really affected me :(
Before on the left, after on the right. Can you see the biiiiig improvement? 

A close up!

Amazing stuff.. I really don't think there's much of a need to explain or to convince you guys to go down to DRx, for the results really speak for themselves.
Thank you Dr Yanni, Mama Pegs, Charlene and Joycelyn for being my aesthetic angels!

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