October 20, 2014

FauxFayc is the latest craze in town, and their mascara is truly one of a kind.
I was lucky enough to try it and I don't even usually wear mascara since I have extensions on most of the time (Thankq Flutters) but because of my busy schedule, I haven't been able to make time to go retouch my lashes and so I've been living with my natural, not so amazing lashes.

FauxFayc's mascara truly came in handy, helping me achieve the false lashies look without my extensions!

It comes in a beautiful box, and is a set of two mascaras. Natural fibres, and transplanting gel.

There is also a full set of instructions in every box to teach you how to achieve your desired look.
You start off first with your own favourite mascara, as a base. Then... You can keep layering FauxFayc's mascaras till you get what you want!

The two mascara combs are unique, especially the natural fibre one (below) that literally deposits fibres on your lashes.

Check out my results! So impressed.
Before, top. And after, bottom.

The best part of this mascara is not just the length and volume but long wearing effects - I put it on at about 5pm in the evening and only went home around 3am but there was no smudging!

Thankq FauxFayc for giving all girls a chance to have pretty lashes without extensions 
And an exclusive discount code just for you, reading this. 

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