October 3, 2014

Happy 20th anniversary to Longchamp’s Le Pliage! 
I visited the big Longchamp boutique at ION Orchard just a few days back, and I was really excited to do something I never did before! 
Customizing my very own bag is a first for me, and yay to it being a Le Pliage, known for being super durable and practical.  
You can actually do this online, but going down to the boutique to customize it helps you save on some shipping fee and you'll also be able to play around with the swatches so you can visualize it a lil' bit better and touch the materials that go into making your bag.

I began my tour at Longchamp with a walkthrough on the steps through customization. First, I got to pick the size of the bag I wanted. Initially picked a size 3 but realized that it was too big for me! So I chose a size 2 instead. Next was the length of the handle, it was either long or short so I went with the short else the long strap would make the bag look big on me too.  
Next was the color! Being someone who fancies black a lot, naturally I wanted the base to be black. However to add little pop on the bag, the stripe color I decided to go for Candy color. Black and pink, why not right? Then moving onto the selection of the hardware, I chose gold (classy). And lastly, completed the bag by choosing to have my name embossed! I wanted to have 'rchlwngx' in cursive on my bag, but it had a limit of 7 letters, so I went with just 'RW'. 
Once I was done with the selection, the finished ‘piece’ was shown on the iPad and I loved to be able to look at it!
This is how the site would look like when you enter. From there on, you can play around and design one that represents you. 

The customization process is easy to use and you can access it from anywhere! Not an app as well, so you don't even have to download it.. 

This is the final design I opted for, in the second smallest size, a size 2. Perfect to carry my essentials.

Also decided to get a lovely pink laptop case in full leather for my Macbook, it comes in 2 sizes so you can pick what fits your laptop, or pick the bigger one so you can put documents inside!

I think it'll go perfectly with my customized Le Pliage that has that fun pink stripe down the middle in a similar shade! 
To have a fuller experience, head down and play with the color swatches available at the boutique. This way you’ll be able to get a clearer picture on how your customized Le Pliage will look like. You get to mix-and-match, so why not right? 

This is only available from now till 12th October 2014 at the Takashimaya boutiqu(Level 1), so do hurry down before it's over x