November 29, 2014

I was recently sent a new set of products to try, and this time it's very different..
It isn't from my dear DRX, or Korea or Thailand (whose beauty products are pretty much amazing to me, and proof can be found on all the beautiful Korean/Thai stars) but from Jordan instead.

From the Dead Sea!

DeadSea fortune originates from Jordon and cheaper as compared to the one that comes from Israel. DeadSea fortune products are available on MIYOC online. All products are made from natural plant extracts and minerals from Dead Sea. They are now available at just a fraction of the usual prices you see at departmental stores. Nothing above $100! What a steal.

I tried them out and have two favourites out of the seven products pictured.
The first, is Chocolate Body Butter.
1. It smells good enough to eat.
2. I have really dry skin on my legs, especially my knees.. and my elbows too. So this rich moisturiser really is a godsent!

I like to use it at night before bed and love wake up smelling like chocolate and with softer skin.

"Love chocolates but loathe calories? This body butter fits in the best! DeadSea body butter is comprised of natural Shea Butter, Coco Butter and Herbal extracts mixed with Dead Sea Minerals to provide the driest skin with a luxuriously hydrating treat, leave it supple and Healthy glow. Do you know that the aroma of cocoa possesses mood-enhancing properties and exerts protective effects against neurotoxicity? With the quick absorption, you can easily apply the amount needed to body, hands, elbows, and massage gently into skin."

My next favourite would be the hand cream. I really hate when I can literally feel my hands getting dry, especially when I'm in an air conditioned room. Also, I still have a lil bit of OCD, so I like to keep my hands clean with hand sanitizer when I'm out but everyone knows that most hand sanitizers contain alcohol and alcohol totally dries out the skin.

"Deadsea hand cream helps to exfoliate the surface cells on hand. We should never neglect the importance of applying hand cream in our daily routine. Take out some time in your busy schedule in to apply our hand cream. Now keeping our hand smooth and soft is such an easy task!"

The texture is really lovely.

Also, if you like to use body scrubs like me.. (it's a recent addiction for me, and I do so every 2 days because dead skin on skin is icky!!!) you should definitely try out the DeadSea body scrub cos it's one of the better ones I tried!

Shop these products are MIYOC ONLINE.

*They will also be having a pop up store at raffles exchange on the 8th-26th Dec!*