{AD} ThePetiteRose

November 23, 2014

The Petite Rose is an online fashion store based in Singapore, established in 2013. The apparel from our collections are sourced locally as well as internationally, providing quality and up-to-date trends for the girls/ladies. 

ThePetiteRose has worked with me a few times before but this time I think they must have been surprised at my choices of items in store... I picked these really cute sets that can be worn alone or together and they are really so quirky and fun although it's really not my usual style!

ThePetiteRose also stocks a lot of other trending items and basics besides fun stuff like these two sets.

Quote "rchlwngx10off" to receive 10% off purchases!
And don't be shy, simply hashtag them on instagram @thepetiterose#thepetiterose with a snapshot of your ootd to be featured!
They are also located at BlogShopping Far East Plaza & Jem and racks are updated with new apparels weekly!

Happy shopping!