Thai Pavillion

November 30, 2014

Without a doubt, Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines (I do to admit that I only eat mostly Asian cuisines, though.. I could never survive in a European/American country...) because the food is always so super tasty and spicy!! I LOVE SPICY FOOD SO MUCH. Pity my body doesn't really allow me to eat spicy food everyday like I used to, but whenever I get to eat spicy food I make sure it's 'worth it' so the food has to be real yummy. 

Thai Pavillion is a new eatery with just what I wanted. Authentic Thai food with the right amount of spiciness and saltiness. (Some not so authentic Thai food is really salty instead of being just tasty with a good amount of saltiness.)

All the stuff we ordered's yummy but the two dishes here that captured my heart/tastebuds and left me wanting more would most definitely be the fried fish (I LOVE FISH) and the Tomyam soup. So so yummy.

The other yummy stuff we ordered :


The Thai chef here made this super special dessert for us that is hardly available anywhere else.. It used to be only food for the royals. 

I've been there four times already ever since it opened which wasn't too long ago.. so yknow it's really that good. And to prove it, I took pics on two of the occasions.. in different outfits/hair. HAHA. Oh and do order the Thai Milk tea here, it's SOOO yummy!

They have indoor air conditioned seating as well but I personally like sitting at the outdoor tables instead cos the location is really chill and I like to enjoy the night breeze while I'm eating!

Their rating is 4.9 stars out of 5 on their FB page and there's loadsss of good reviews left so I guess I'm not the only one who fell in love with the place and food! So you know although this is a sponsored post, I'm really not making it sound better than it really is, cos it really is worth a visit.

Open 5.30pm - 12am. Closed on Mondays.

283 Changi Road.


*Unfortunately, I've come to know that Thai Pavillion is now closed till further notice.*