December 24, 2014

2014 has got to be one of the craziest years, and hands down the best and worst year of my life.

I turned 21, I graduated.. I've travelled to new places and explored places I've been to but never really seen before. I've loved and I haven't lost, and I've gone to bed each night knowing I'm not alone.

But just like every other year, I like doing reflections because I believe there's always something to better the next year. 
Not gonna do resolutions this coming year but make it just one resolution to wake up everyday and take it like a gift, so I cherish every person, every moment and every little thing I get to experience everyday. Because honestly, when we grow up, all the stress and work makes us forget that we're so lucky to even have the chance to love another day.

I've seen the worst in human nature the past year. I've been let down, lied to, ignored.. what have you. But I've also seen the best. 

I've let down, lied to, ignored.. and was forgiven without fail every single time by the people who matter because I'm that lucky to be loved - and that's what you do when you love people. They're gonna make mistakes and you gotta love em through it when you know that they're worth it. 
This is something I learnt this year. That with love, almost anything is truly possible, and forgiveness and forgetting was always so hard for me before but it's all different now.

Some people, however, do not deserve chances. And Karma knows this because it's only a matter of time before it comes knocking, and I've seen it happening without fail.

Yes, "one chance too many" does apply, sometimes.
The people who repeatedly let others down with that same ill intention, the people who hate blindly, the people who are supposed to protect you but in turn make use of you and make others question your credibility...
One chance is one too many.
There were so many things that should have been transparent with me, there were so many opportunities for you to show me you were worth it, but all I have aren't even questions anymore because it doesn't even come as a surprise. 

It is, after all, the festive season.. and I have plan after plan for the entire week's worth of days with my loved ones so that's what I want to and will be spending my time on, and I think it's the same for all of you with no worry on your mind because only the guilty have to think about anything else right now!

"Don't forget to count your blessings,"

Thank you...

To all the advertisers who booked posts with me, thank you for trusting me, and thank you for making my day constantly with emails to tell me you want to book another or to say thank you. You know who you are.
Especially the few of you guys - ACW, Carrislabelle, MDS, MISBHV, Loveien19, WardrobeMess, YHF - thank you for dressing me in the best stuff around!
Mulia Bali, K Star Fan Fest, Hong Kong Tourism Board - For flying me out and letting me do such fun travel posts which is something I've always wanted to do.

To my sponsors...
DRx who were always there to take all of my skin concerns seriously and give me the complexion I'd never thought was possible 3 years ago. Thank you C, J.. and of course Dr Yanni!
Belle/GlitzyFingers for never failing to make my nails look perfect 365 days a year and offering true kinship with every session. 
AIR Salon for giving my tresses love and life along with fun and easy conversations.
Flutters for giving me fluttery eyelashes!
And of course, my birthday sponsors - Hilly Events and KremeCoutureBakery, you guys made my birthday magical.

To my family, to my friends, and of course to my love for never failing to show me true support, friendship and love. Especially through the toughest of times, thank you for not failing me. You know who you are. Words are not enough, especially not here.

And most of all I'm thankful for you, who's been reading (even if you're not reading with good intentions, you're still reading... Thanks!!!) and definitely those who's been supporting me, thank you for letting me do what I love. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!