{AD} Twoxies

December 29, 2014

I'm back from a slight hiatus! I haven't been replying emails or drafting anything cos it's the holiday season and I believe this time should be spent with the ones you love, not work. But I'm back and excited about the posts that will be going up the next few days... Stay tuned for more!

Know what I love most about Singapore's rainy December weather...?
The fact that I can wear knits, fur and all my under-utilised pullovers and sweaters!

Got my latest score from Twoxies, who sent me a really cute furry cropped sweater. If you're not one that feels cold easily, don't worry too, cos it's cropped it doesn't keep you THAT warm. Just a lil warm.

Paired it with all black everything, except my furry Fendi Monster - to check out the exhibition/event 'What She Gave To Me' at Mad Nest.

It'd be nice to have this in black as well, but then again, I have way too much black in my wardrobe.

Quote RCHLWNG for 10% off total, min $50 purchase applies! Valid the entire month of December.

Shop away ~

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