Choose Your Thoughts

December 29, 2014

Got inspired to blog this post by a conversation I had recently with someone I work with regularly, so you can say we're not close but we're not strangers either. 

She texted me to ask me a few questions I thought people would usually understand. So I thought it might be an interesting post! Below are the questions she asked me and my replies, rephrased for easy reading. The main reason for rephrasing it is there was a lot of Singlish in it which not everybody may understand, and things that were said that's too personal.. You'd be able to tell who she was speaking about immediately, and I don't want that. 

Please note that this post has NOTHING to do with whatever has been going on the past few days.
I just think her thoughts and questions may be something people wonder about so I want to finally address them!


Why don't you have an account/comment section on your blog?
I don't like to involve myself in such a situation where I will be ask/told personal things I don't see the need to know or asked. If you have something so important to ask me, we should probably know each other first and thus.. you'd have my number, right? 
If not, then it's not worth my time nor effort. People are always going to talk a lot.

Do you know there are people who talk bad about you on their personal accounts and elsewhere too?
Of course!! Somehow they never get tired.

Why don't you set up one to stand up for yourself? 
Using words against words are a never ending thing and once again I don't have that kind of time nor energy. People need to understand that silence is not always weakness, sometimes it's simply grace.

There are so many who are talking about you, don't you care? 
There's so much I know too that I wish I could puke out (yes she really said puke!
No, I really don't care... Reason : They don't know me, they don't provide for me. 
So what has what they think or say got to do with me...?

It's not for people who know you.
But for people to who don't, they might be mistaken by all the gossip...
If people can decide so easily what kind of person I am just by what others say and having never talked to me before or to hear my side of the story, does their opinion even matter? Those who are wise will know better that nobody is ever really what they seem. Whether it be online or off. In fact, I can truthfully say there are only five people in my life who really know me. All of me, good or bad. I've literally only shown that side to five people.

Some just wanna be famous by talking about others. You are very cool and mature.
This is not being cool or mature, it's just the way I think and deal with things. Everyone is different but the difference here is that I strongly believe in karma.

And I never want to portray myself as anything I'm not. I'm no angel, just human (I do wish I was a giraffe though heh heh). And a believer that good thoughts lead to good actions and ends up leading to blessings.


There was more after that but I don't wish to mention them here because once again, any kind of bad energy is.. bad.

Three years ago I wanted a lot of things. "Fame", money.. 
So yes I've done my fair share of deserving bad karma. Now I make an effort every single day to only gather good karma and good thoughts because I realise it really works. It's really not easy. The dark side is hella strong, but I think having people who truly love you helps so much.

There will always be people with hate in their hearts. ALWAYS. It's hard to tell most of the time. I know how fake people can be. I've closed off to a lot of the world but every now and then I'm surprised by good souls!
 If you want to try it out unlike me, I guess you could give them a chance first and if they fail you, choose to exit, and focus your love and energy on the ones who matter. 

Thankful I found the ones who are true. To me, to themselves. You guys know who you are. I'm so thankful for you! 

This is probably one of the most personal posts I've done in a looooong time. And I'm not saying all my thoughts are right or the best thoughts but you know, this blog was for me to pen down thoughts and memories in the first place.. and it'd be nice to look back on this day, to see how I used to think of the world at age 21.