December 19, 2014

Had a very Korean day last Saturday and checked out two new joints I've never been to before!
Was so excited to have BBQ because it was a really rainy day and I always find BBQ/Steamboat meals so comforting especially on days when it's cold. 

EIGHT Korean BBQ is at The Central and it's conveniently located at the second floor!

If you're wondering why this Korean BBQ place is called EIGHT, that's because their special dish is a Mangalitsa Pork dish marinated in 8 flavours :
Red Pepper

Out of all the 8 flavours I like Curry the best!

They also have army stew here, a traditional dish that's very popular and yummy ~

I also like that the kimchi is cooked here! Usually kimchi is cold so warm kimchi is a nice difference.

Kimchi fried rice that was surprisingly tasty!

And reeeeally flavourful kimchi pancake that I was excited about cos there's so much seafood in it, unlike other places with way too much flour and too little seafood.

They also only use Mangalitsa pork belly which is from Hungary and it is healthier than normal pork!

I like how all the food here is traditional yet in a clean and modern setting. Also helps that I know the pork BELLY CONTAINS MORE UNSATURATED FAT, NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS AND IT DIGESTS MORE EASILY. The curry flavoured one is REALLY so yummy I basically ate all of by myself although I wasn't alone >< 
 and the curry flavoured one is REALLY so yummy I basically ate all of by myself although I wasn't alone >< 
They also have lunch menus and are currently having special weekday promos that has sets that start at $8! Some don’t require bbq-ing too like stir-fry pork and beef, Chul Pan and Bibimbap and more. 

Opening Hours: 1030am - 230pm, 530pm - 1030pm (weekdays) | 1030am - 1030pm (weekends)


Later that night I headed to Bugis, Tan Quee Lan Street, for more tastes of Korea!
Joo is located along the same street as the very famous fried fish soup but now I've discovered this gem I think I'll be skipping the fish soup much more often now...

The entire place is SO lovely and there's a hexagon theme going on which the Lasalle student in me really appreciates (lol) - the ambience here is truly lovely and it's PERFECT for a night out with the girls or a birthday celebration.
Joo is also very authentically Korean and they even teach you basic drinking manners in the form of cute drawings on the wall!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE the chips here cos it's sliced and fried in house, so it's very crispy and fresh and doesn't need additionally seasoning.

Of course, pairing it with the rice wine aka makgeolli is really perfect and so addictive. It’s also important to know that their makgeolli made with organic rice and does not contain aspertine (scary ingredient that bottled ones have) nor preservatives. Please try the Yucha slushie - it’s a slush, with bits of yucha inside and is a different take on your usual Korean drinks.

Soy glazed chicken wings - very crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and tasty overall!

If you like beef, you'll love this.. super soft beef slices.

A popular choice here is the seafood ravioli, and for good reason. Another comfort food kinda dish with fresh seafood baked to delicious perfection!

Hands down my fav item here at Joo. Baby eel fried in 'paper'-like sheets. So damn good with some makgeolli/beer/soju!

I'll definitely be back soon, Joo ~

JOO - 5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Opening hours: 530pm - 12mn every day