La Taperia

December 16, 2014

Lunch with Chev yesterday at this Spanish restaurant serving quality food and the largest collection of Spanish wine in Singapore!

It was actually my first time trying Spanish food and I always imagine Spanish food with like way too much tomato... Which I don't like. (I'm weird cos I like tomato sauce but don't like eating tomatoes themselves. Are any of you like that too?) So I was a lil bit worried. But after trying out the food here my mind is totally changed! I love it!!! And I'll be back soon.

This is my favourite out of all the dishes we tried. There's tuna inside and I love tuna. The taste goes really well together!

Mushrooms, bacon and egg. Yummy.

Lamb racks, if you like meat I think you'll love this.

Squid ink paella with seafood. My first time trying squid ink anything. It tastes like the sea!

And Goat Milk ice cream with raspberries to end off the meal. I can't say I like this cos I'm not a fan of goat's milk, but if you pair the ice cream with loads of syrup it does mask the strong goat milk taste and the texture is very nice.
 I hear there's a chocolate dessert on the menu that is really delicious so imma try that next time!

La Taperia is at Shaw Centre. 
Thanks for having me and letting my first experience with Spanish food be that good!


On another note, the new year is coming real soon and I'm so busy with the boring 'adult' stuff of life like settling finance stuff, contracts and what not... It hasn't been a lot of fun :(
I wish I could stay a kid forever and not have to deal with any of it (HAHA) but I guess it's time to grow up and accept it!

Look out for upcoming posts tonight and for the next two days featuring some of my favourite webstores!